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Two Boys Killed by Charles Manson, His first and last victims, Steve Parent and Frank Struthers

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Charles Manson's First And Last Victims Were Kids, a fact too often forgotten and other people who should be remembered... 

Charles Manson first victim, teenager Steven Parent, was the first killed and the first forgotten; 15-year-old teenager Frank Struthers came home from the lake with friends and found his Mom and Stepfather murdered, then found out that if he had been home he would have been tortured and murdered too; the first Tarzan was Gordon Griffith and What's My Line's INTREPID REPORTER Dorothy Kilgallen

I remembered seeing Sharon Tate not because she was Roman Polanski's wife but because she was Jethro's secret crush on the Beverly Hillbillies, wearing a black wig, nonetheless.

A black and white screenshot from the television series, The Beverly Hillbillies shows Max Baer, Jr. as Jethro, Nancy Kulp as Jane Hathaway, and Sharon Tate as Janet Trego, a secretary. Tate is wearing a business suit and a dark wig, and is watching Miss Hathaway

When people speak of Charles Manson Murders they almost always leave one name out, teenager Steven  Parent. He was the first to be killed and the first to be forgotten. Steven had just graduated from Arroyo High School in El Monte. He was a hustler, working a full time job and selling electronics for a local store on the side in his spare time.
Steven was a nice guy, he saw Sharon Tate caretaker teenager William Garretson hitchhiking while driving his his father’s white 1966 White Nash Ambassador and gave him a lift. William invited him to come by for a Coke if he was in the neighborhood of 10050 Cielo Drive.

William Garretson's High School Graduation Photo.

William Garretson was a teenager from Ohio, hired by Rudy Altobelli owner of 10050 Cielo Drive to be caretaker for his tenants Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. On that fateful Saturday Morning, Roman was in London, while Sharon was entertaining her friends, including Coffee heiress Abigail Folger and chic hairstylist Jay Sebring.

Steven gave William a call on Friday August 8, 1969 around 11 PM and said he was in the neighborhood and asked if he could drop by. He brought a Sony Clock Radio with him to see if William might be interested in buying it. They spent around 45 minutes together and called it a night. Steven would have to try harder next time.
As he was driving out of the Altobelli Estate, Steven stopped at the gate to press the button to open it, he was met by dark figure who screamed, “Halt!”  Then Manson Family member Charles “Tex” Watson approached Steven with a .22 revolver in one hand and a buck knife in the other. Parent told Watson, “Please don’t hurt me. I won’t say anything.” Watson then shot Steven 4 times and viciously stabbed the boy to death. In his effort to protect himself, Steven fended off  Tex's blows with his flailing arms. Tex's buck knife cut off Steven's wrist watch in the process.

Steven lived at home with his parents in El Monte

Steven Parent's wrist watch ended up in the back seat of his Dad's Car. 
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Tex Watson's knife and leather sheaf. 

Manson and His Family 

William Garretson was listening to his stereo in the guest house/caretakers quarters. After midnight, he heard noises, not sure if it was owner Hollywood Agent Rudi Altobelli's dogs or their friends from the neighborhood. He turned off the lights and put on headphones. It probably saved his life. Tex sent Linda Kasabian to check the guesthouse and she was gone a couple of minutes came back and said no one was there. She lied, she had only been a half-hearted Manson Family Member to start with, she intended to take no part in that night's events. 

The guest/caretaker's house on the other side of the pool. Garretson was within 50 yards of the massacre. 

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William Garretson by the pool.

Abigail Folger, Manson Family victim, killed in front of the house, about 100 yards from William Garretson in the Guest House.

 "In the opinion of the investigating officers and by the S.I.D., it is highly unlikely that Garretson was not aware of the screams, gunshots or other turmoil…these findings, however, did not absolutely preclude the fact that Garretson did not hear or see an events connected with the homicide....It is the investigators' opinion that Garretson was under the residual effects of some type of narcotic during the entire time he was in police custody. It's possible, but not probable that Garretson had no real knowledge of the crime." Police Lt. Burdick came to the conclusion that Garretson was innocent of the actual murders, but may have been hiding something.    

Hollywood Agent Rudi Altobelli was gay. Police connected to the investigation SPECULATED that homeless, penniless, teenager William Garretson got his job because he was willing to and had had sex with the home owner. Altobelli would admit that he liked Garretson and that his guard dogs liked the teen too. Any caretaker would have to take care of Altobelli's prized dogs. 

During the Polygraph administered by Detective Burdick, he asked about Steven Parent calling, then dropping in:

Q: And he surprised you?
A: Well, he didn't surprise me that he came, just that you know--I mean he came up to visit me and when he left, you know, that's horrible.

Two facts came out of the interrogation, which helped win William his freedom. He was lonely, he had no car, the house was miles from the nearest store and entertainment. The maid would take a list of groceries he wanted when she went shopping for Sharon and her guests. Whatever the reason for Steven's visit, a little company would be a welcome blessing for the boy. 
Lt. Burdick had heard that Altobelli was gay, so he asked the William: 

Q: Ever had sex with a man?
A: Yes.

Then he asked him if he was gay or whether he had sex with any of the victims, Garretson gave a firm, "No!"
Then Burdick asks, "Is there something right now that's on your mind that you don't want to disclose?" 
Garretson replies, "All I can say is I was really afraid that night."  
Burdick: "I want you to sit here and think for a minute. Looks like there's something you're holding back." Whether it's about Steve or looking in that window or what it is, I don't know.”

Later in the interrogation, it turned out William blamed himself of the Steven's death. As he said, if he hadn't gotten a lift from Steven, Steven would have never been there that night. 

An addendum in the final police report stated: 

" Steven Earl Parent, male Caucasian, 18 years, 6-0, 175, red hair, brown eyes. He lived with his parents at 11214 East Bryant Road, El Monte. His main occupation was that of a delivery boy for Valley City Plumbing Supply Company in Rosemead, California. He also worked part time at night for Jonas Miller Stereo, 8719 Wilshire Boulevard. On Friday morning, 8-8-69, he told his mother to have a clean change of clothes for him when he came home for lunch from his job at the plumbing supply company. He told her he was going to work at his second job and didn't want to come home after work before going to Hollywood for his second job. Parent has an arrest record as a juvenile at age 14-years-old for burglary of electronic equipment. He served time in the California Youth Authority program. He was described as having homosexual tendencies by a psychologist probation officer."

It should be noted at this point, Steven's juvenile records show that the turned his life around and hadn't been in any trouble since his arrest for burglary as a juvenile. He was a poor kid, from a lower middle class neighborhood, blessed with a brilliant mind. Electronics fascinated him, but his family's limited means and school, which offered no opportunity for him to explore his field of interest sidetracked him. When his case was resolved, adults intervened and got Steven a job in the field of electronics and introduced him to teachers in the field. From that point on, Steven made good grades in school and was set to enter college in a few days, until he was murdered. He was working two jobs and both employers not only liked him, they also said he was the best employee they had. A good kid who had his life stolen from him.

Steven's juvenile report probably explains the investigation being sidetracked on the Parent-Garretson angle for a few days, which allowed Charles Manson to proceed with their insane criminal plan with impunity, as the LaBianca/Struthers family would soon discover.

I was 12-years-old in 1969 and remember a photo of William Garretson being arrested, taken to jail. Everyone in the press was reporting him as the killer. Then a few days later he was released and the charges dropped. I speculated that for those few days, he must have been the loneliest person on earth, no friends, no family and accused of a horrendous murder. Police held him in custody from Saturday August 9th until after the LaBianca Murders and they finally made the connection between the two horrific crimes a few days later.

From Suspect to Witness, this photo of Garretson was in almost every newspaper in the US, the story of his release received much less coverage.

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Also helping establish Garretson's innocence, was ten-year-old Steven Weiss, who found the murder weapon in his backyard in Sherman Oaks, his house was located below an embankment and Beverly Glen Boulevard leading away from Sharon Tate's House on September 1, 1969. 

3627 Longview Valley Road
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

  1. Hi-Standard Double Nine Longhorn "Buntline" Styled .22 Caliber Revolver. After the gun jammed, Charles "Tex" Watson began using it to beat Frykowski over the head, in the process breaking the right side grip.

The New York Times

“I picked it up in my hand by the tip of the barrel,” Steven Weiss replied.
Is there any reason you picked it up by the barrel?” the attorney asked.
“For the sake of the finger prints,” Steven said.
Mr. Fitzgerald then asked if the policeman who went to the house had touched the gun. Steven said that he had.
“How did he touch it?” the attorney went on.
“With both hands all over the gun,” Steven answered, with apparent chagrin, sending a wave of laughter across the courtroom.

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Under interrogation Garretson said he learned nothing of the murders until the following day when police officers showed up at the clubhouse.

"The police officer pointed a gun at me and I said, 'what's going on?' and he said, 'shut up, I'll show you,' " Garretson recalls.

Garretson said the police showed him part of the murder scene before he was arrested and questioned.

"They played a lot of head games and did the whole good cop, bad cop thing and did a polygraph," Garretson said. "I was placed in a cell with a bunch of people and I remember thinking, 'how the hell am I still alive?' "

William Garretson arriving to testify on left. The teen was short for his age. Also pictured is the family maid. 
Linda Kasabian under arrest, before her deal with prosecutors

Manson Family's Linda Kasabian, a Lost Soul and Witness for the Prosecution and Leslie van Houten's High School Photo, how do you go from one to the other? 

Garretson testified that that dogs started to bark after Steven left at about 12:15 AM. The lights were low and he was listening to the Doors and Mama's and Papa's on the stereo through headphones.
Garretson said he heard a noise which might have been the door knob being rattled. It frightened him and he remained quiet, . Which fits with Linda Kasabian's testimony. 

From the Police Report, pinning down the time of the murders:

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Kott, temporary residence at 10170 Cielo Drive,
a house located approximately 100 yards north of the Polanski house.
The Kotts entertained guests at their house until approximately 2400
hours (midnight). The guests departed and the Kotts retired. Between
0030 and 0100 hours, Mrs. Kott, while in her bedroom located at the
northeast corner of the house, heard what she described as four shots
fired in close sequence. In her opinion, the shots originated east of her
home. No action was taken regarding the shots at this time. A t 0730
hours, 8-9-69, Mr. Kott stepped out of his house and observed the
phone line draped over the fence and the Polanski gate. He also noted
that the outside lights were on.
(0100 hours t o 0130 hours)
Mr. Tim Ireland, one of five counselors supervising a sleepout for 70
male and female children a t the Westlake School for Girls, located at
700 North Faring Road which is down the hill and directly south of the
Polanski residence. Beteen 0100 and 0130 Mr. Ireland was awake,
alert and watching the sleeping children. He heard a male voice from
what seemed to him a long distance away to the north or northeast
shout, "Oh, God, no. Stop. Stop. Oh, God, no, don't." Ireland said that
the scream persisted for approximately 10 seconds. The male voice
was clear and he did not notice an accent. The screams so disturbed
Ireland that he checked the area of the sleeping children on foot, then
went inside the school and informed Mr. Rich Sparks of the occurrence
and requested permission to check the area himself in his own
personal vehicle. Permission was granted, and Ireland drove
southbound on Benedict Canyon Road to Sunset Boulevard, westbound
to Beverly Glenn, and northbound back to the Westlake school. He did
not observe anything unusual on his circuitus trip, but did hear
numerous dogs barking in the immediate vicinity of the school. Mr.
Ireland then checked the other counselors at the school but all had
been sleeping and were not aware of the incident. Mr. Ireland does not
recall hearing any sounds that he believes to be gunshots. (In
investigating officers' opinion, this is an accurate report of the incident,
made by a competent person, alert and in full command of his
(0200 hours to 0300 hours)
Mr. Emmett Steele, 9951 Beverly Grove Drive. Mr. Steele maintains
two trained hunting dogs at his residence. These dogs do not generally
respond to ordinary traffic or house noises in the vicinity, but become
highly excited and bark and howl when they hear gunshots. On 8-9-
69, between 0200 and 0300, both dogs became highly excited,
barking and howling. Mr. Steele went out and calmed the dogs,
checked the area but could see nothing. Mr. Steele did not hear any
gunshots himself, but w a s concerned about a lavender Volkswagentype
dunebuggy, XSP 193, and a black foreign-type motorcycle,
possibly a Triumph, that have been seen and reported driving about
the area for the past six weeks in the late night and early morning
hours. These two vehicles have not been connected with the incident
at this time.
(Approximately 0330 hours)
Mr. Marceau Mounton, an employee of the Bel Air Patrol, works 2130
to 0530. Mr. Mounton was on a fixed post assignment at 10231
Charing Cross on 8-8/9-69, from 2130 t o 0530. At approximately
0330, Mr. Mounton heard what he first believed to be three backfires,
but on reflection, felt the reports were too sharp and short to be
backfires. He said the reports were two close together, and then one
shortly thereafter. Mr. Mounton was positioned on the south side of
the residence and could not be sure from what direction the sound
came. This location is approximately 1/4 mile south of the location of
occurrence and below the mouth of the canyon. When Mr. Mounton
went off duty a t 0530 he mentioned this occurrence to Mr. Karlson (1-
3), the desk man at Bel Air Patrol.
(0400 hours)
At 0400, Mr . Bullington was stopped in front of 2175 Summit Ridge
Drive. He was parked facing northbound with the driver's window
down and heard what he believed to be three shots. They sounded as
if they came from some distance to the west. The sequence was one
shot, a 2/3-second pause, another shot, a 4/5-second pause, and a
final shot. Mr. Bullington contacted Bel Air Patrol by radio (Mr. Karlson,
1-3, states time was 0411) and reported this.
(0411 hours)
Mr. Karlson was on duty on 8-9-69, and at 0411 was contacted by
radio by patrolman Bullington of Bel Air Patrol who had stopped a t
2175 Summit Ridge. Officer Bullington reported to Karlton he had
heard three shots spaced several seconds apart. Karlton called West
Los Angeles desk a t 0412 and reported this to an unknown officer who
stated, "I hope we don't have a murder. We just had a womanscreaming
call in that area."
(0400 hours)
Carlos Gill, 9955 Beverly Grove Drive, Carlos is a Mexican national, 14
years of age. He had been asleep, awoke at 2300 hours and began
writing letters in his room. From his bedroom located on the opposite
side of Benedict Canyon, it is possible to look directly across the
canyon a t approximately the same elevation and view the front of the
Polanski residence. The distance is estimated as approximately 1/4 to
1/2 mile. At approximately 0400 hours he heard the sound of voices
arguing. He believed it was three or four persons. The argument
increased in volume and became more heated. It lasted approximately
one minute and then subsided abruptly. He indicated that in his
opinion the sounds originated from the direction of the Polanski
residence. At the time of the occurrence he stood by the window in his
lighted room and looked in that direction but could see nothing. He
said that the severity of the argument so frightened him that he went
immediately to bed after closing the window.

Garretson was exonerated when police determined that the double homicide of Leno and Rosemary Labianca was by the same killers a few days later. The LaBiancas lived in a house formerly owned by Walt Disney when he first moved to California from Missouri in 1924 at 3311 Waverly Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027. Walt was born in Marceline Missouri and later moved to Kansas City where he was a newspaper boy. He first became involved in animation through advertising, later cartoons.

Image result for walt disney newspaper boy

Walt Disney on the right with sideways cap around 1910

Though it took a little longer, William Garretson would no longer be  a suspect after a second horrific murder scene, Rosemary and Leno Labianca on August 10, 1969. 

Rosemary LaBianca's son, Frank Struthers Jr., the Manson Family's last victim. 

15-year-old Frank Struthers Jr. was a generally good kid. The only exception, he was caught joy riding with a bunch of friends in a car one of them had borrowed from a relative, without permission. Joy Riding is taking a car without permission from a neighbor, friend or family member and going out driving, then returning the car before it is discovered to be missing. Since the intent is not to steal the car, it is usually treated as a less serious offense.  
Frank returned home from a boating weekend and a sleep over at a friend's house and saw that his stepfather Leno LaBianca failed to put the family boat in the garage, something he never did.  He knocked on the door and no one answered. He immediately went to a neighborhood burger joint pay phone and called his sister, Suzan, and her boyfriend, when they arrived they discovered the tortured and murdered bodies of his Mom and Stepfather, in terror he ran to a neighbor's house and called police. 

Frank Struthers' testimony at trial:

Mary Neiswender reporting for the Long Beach Independent August 27, 1970 on Frank’s testimony at the trial.

Wednesday, Mrs. LaBianca’s 16-year-old son, Frank Lynn Struthers, a 10th grader at Marshall High School in Los Angeles, took the witness stand to describe how he discovered the body of his stepfather.
 “I went to Lake Isabella with some friends of the family, and my mother and stepfather came up to drop off our ski boat,” the youth related calmly.
 “They came back to pick up the boat and take it back Saturday, Aug. 9, 1969, and I intended to return with them, but the family I was staying with wanted me to stay with them an extra day.”
 The last time he saw his parents alive, he said, was when they left the recreation area with his sister, Susan, about 9 p.m. the night of the murders.
 “I left for home the next day…They (the family friends) dropped me off about 8 p.m. I noticed that the boat was still hitched to the car, but I opened the garage and put some of my gear away.
 “I went to the back door — we never used the front door — and I knocked, but nobody answered. I noticed the lights were off and the shades drawn, so I knocked on the den window and called but nobody answered.”
 The boy said he went to a nearby hamburger stand and telephoned the house, but received no answer. He then got in touch with his sister, who was living in an apartment. She arrived about 20 minutes later with a friend, Joe Dorgan, and the three went back to the house.
 “We got the keys out out of mom’s Thunderbird and opened the back door. We walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights. My sister stayed in the kitchen, and Joe and I walked through the dining room. When we got to the living room we saw Leno — my stepfather.
 “He was in a crouched position. We could tell right away…” the boy didn’t finish the sentence.
 “We turned around right away and headed out. Joe picked up the phone, but dropped it. We got in the car and went to a neighbor’s house to call police.”
 The youth, fought for composure as he identified his mother’s wallet, which police say they found in a service station rest room. Star prosecution witness Linda Kasabian testified she had placed the wallet there on instructions from Manson, who had taken it from the La Bianca home.
Young Struthers also identified his mother’s watch and a “graduation picture of me” found in his mother’s wallet.

The Manson Murders were the beginning of 15-year-old Frank Struthers' nightmare

It came out later that Manson family members had visited/BURGLARIZED the LaBianca home after visiting their neighbor's house. At the Manson trial family members admitted they committed multiple creepy crawly burglaries, where they didn't necessarily steal anything, just moved stuff around to frighten and confuse the homeowners, in this case, they targeted the LaBiancas.  There are reports that members of the family met Rosemary's daughter Suzan and her boyfriend at their next door neighbor's house while he was a "friend" of the family. Eventually, the neighbor got tired of the mooching hippies and broke off the one way "friendship".

It is known that the LaBianca's estate was a mess. Lino was an heir to a grocery store chain, but he also had a gambling problem. The LaBianca's family finances were insanely complicated and appeared to be a house of cards, to everyone except Suzan LaBerge, as administrator of the estate. Amazingly, Suzan would live a very comfortable life after her Mom and Stepdad's death. She was able to reside in a very affluent part of town, while Frank spent most of the next 20 years in a ramshackle cabin in a remote, isolated mountain community. 
After the murder, family members were shocked that Suzan sold the house with all the furnishings without any notice or fanfare.  Frank Struthers' dad said Frank hadn't been notified either. There is some debate about the propriety of the entire probate. Suzan, her father was Rosemary's 1st husband, while Frank was her 2nd husband's son, was executor and never included Frank in any discussions or decisions. Frank's father said Frank Jr. got almost nothing after probate and was very vocal that Frank Jr. had been cheated out of his share of the family's estate. As if the horror of that August night was not enough, his sister's possible betrayal was all this devastated boy needed. If not for his Dad, he would have been totally alone.

His meager obituary sums up Frank's life:

Frank died at 63 years of age on June 16 2017 at Placentia Linda Hospital of, acute respiratory failure, sepsis, alcohol related liver cirrhosis.  He was never married and he had worked in the restaurant business for 20 years.  He lived in Placentia CA for the last 10 years of his life. His remains were cremated and scattered at sea. Frank Struthers Jr. died alone and forgotten.


Frank Struthers Jr. with his Dad, immediately after the crime, then fleeing reporters. 

Had Frank Struthers Jr. come home from the lake with his Mom and Stepfather instead of with his friend and his family, he would have been one of Charlie Manson's victims too. Charlie had already told the family that killing children would be a part of their mission. 

Can you imagine the nightmares Frank has had and still has coming home and finding his tortured and murdered mother's body? Think about that the next time someone suggests paroling the Manson family members. Frank lived alone his whole life, a recluse living alone and abandoned. Before that August night he had been a 100% normal kid. Afterwards, his life became a tragedy worthy of Aeschylus.  

Frank, I remember you, pal. 

Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
   Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
   Tell where I lie.  

Alexander Pope

Recently, the Walt Disney/LaBianca House in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles came on the market, but the vibes from its past would keep me from buying it, even if I could afford it. But there is no denying, it is beautiful.

You will never believe this, but this story is from Patti Tate, Sharon Tate's sister, about how she met Suzan LaBerge, Rosemary LaBianca's daughter, as reported in the New York Post:

Patti Tate had no inkling of this when, in 1990, she met LaBerge at her daughter’s middle school, where LaBerge had coincidentally (or not) sent her own daughter.
They began to chat and Patti revealed the name of her sister, Sharon.
Suzan’s eyes grew wide; “You’re never going to guess who I am. Rosemary LaBianca is my mother!” LaBerge said.
Patti was taken by the coincidence and felt comfortable with another victim. So she let her daughter stay the day at LaBerge’s house, which was just two miles from her own.
Meanwhile, Suzan shared the news with Manson Family member Tex Watson’s wife, who relayed the message to him in prison. He thought this was the key to getting his parole date set.
“Suzan LaBerge, née LaBianca, is my ace in the hole,” Watson boasted to another inmate. “The Tate kid is playing in Suzan’s yard as we speak.”
Patti learned about the connection only a few hours later — and ran to LaBerge’s house to collect her daughter.

KIRO-TV Los Angeles

You may not know it, but there were rumors that Suzan LaBerge and her boyfriend, Joe Dorgan, a member of the STRAIGHT SATANS MOTORCYCLE GANG at the time of the Manson Murders, may have known Manson Family when they were visiting the LaBianca's next door neighbor.  Evidence is that Frank Struthers, her brother, never met them. This NY Post article refers to the fact that LaBerge and Tex Watson, a Manson Family Mass Murderer, were pen pals, in 1987 she visited Tex in prison and she has appeared at his parole hearing asking for his parole.  Patti Tate obviously doesn't understand Suzan and wants nothing to do with her. I am with Frank Struthers and Patti Tate, them I understand. I have no desire to understand Suzan LaBerge. 

From the LAPD Police Report: 

Prior to the time of occurrence, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca had
returned to Los Angeles after a day of boating on Lake Isabella with
Suzanne Struthers (female Caucasian, 21, 5-6, 130, brown/blue) , who is
the daughter of Mrs. LaBianca from a previous marriage. All three had
visited with Frank Struthers, Jr., (male Caucasian, 15, 5-9, 140,
brown/blue) , Suzan's brother, who had been vacationing at Lake
Isabella with a friend, Jim Saffie (male Caucasian, 15,5-1, 120,
brown/brown) , and Jim's mother, Mabiha Saffie.
On August 10, 1969, after arriving in Los Angeles, Suzan Struthers
was immediately driven to her apartment, 4616 Greenwood Place, by
the victims and dropped off at approximately 0100h0urs. Suzan's
apartment is located in the same neighborhood as the LaBianca's
residence. This was the last time that Suzan was to see them alive.
Following Mr. LaBianca's usual habit, they then drove to the corner of
Hillhurst and Franklin where the LaBianca's had a conversation with a
newspaper vendor, John T. Fokianos, (male Caucasian, 35, 5-7, 150
Mr. Fokianos sold them a copy of the Los Angeles Times, Sunday
edition, and a racing form (8-10-69). They then drove away. Mr.
Fokianos observed no other persons in the vehicle. This was
apparently the last time the victims were seen alive.
On August 10, 1969, at approximately 2030 hours, Frank Struthers, Jr.
was driven home from Lake Isabella by the Saffie family and dropped
off in front of 3301 Waverly Drive, his home. He noticed that the
family car, a 1968 Thunderbird, was parked on the street directly west
of the house, and that the speed boat was still attached to the car. He
felt this was irregular because his stepfather, Leno LaBianca, never left
the car and speedboat out on the street overnight. As Frank walked up
the driveway and past the kitchen windows, he noticed that the
window shades were drawn, which was very unusual and he had never
seen this done before. He noticed a light on in the kitchen and from
habit went to the rear door leading to the kitchen and it was locked.
He knocked on the door, but there was no response. He noticed his
mother's 1955 Thunderbird parked by the garage and the water skis
from the boat were lying on top of the fender. This indicated to him
that his parents arrived home late Saturday night and had taken the
skis out of the boat to lessen the risk of theft. They normally would put
the boat away the following morning and this had not been done.
Frank then went to the northwest side of the house and found the
louvered windows open. He called for his mother and stepfather loudly
through the window, but still received no response. He became
alarmed and frightened

Frank Struthers, Rosemary's son by her first marriage, suspected something was wrong when he saw that his stepfather had not put the boat in the family garage. You can see it on the street in this photo. When he got to the house, he immediately suspected something was wrong, went to the neighborhood market and called his sister and her boyfriend. Frank and the boyfriend entered the house and found his parents dead. 

and walked several blocks to the Char burger hamburger stand located
on Hyperion Boulevard near Rowena Avenue and attempted to
telephone his sister, Suzan, through her place of employment, the
Great Scot Restaurant. Suzan was not working on that particular night,
and her boss telephoned her at home and gave her the message that
Frank was concerned about their parents. Suzan telephoned Frank at
the hamburger stand telephone booth and he explained the situation
and his concern.
After their conversation, Suzan telephoned her fiancé, Joseph Dorgan
(male Caucasian, 25, 5-9, 150, brown/blue) ,and requested that he
drive her to the hamburger stand where Frank was waiting. Suzan
arrived at the hamburger stand with Joseph Dorgan and they picked
Frank up and the three of them drove to the LaBianca residence. They
arrived at the residence at approximately 2225 hours and Suzan
noticed from the outside of the house that the closet light to the
master bedroom was on, and that the kitchen light was also on. They
found the keys to the residence in the '55 Thunderbird, a condition
which has existed in the past. Mrs. LaBianca had a habit of leaving her
keys in the ignition of the older car when it was parked to the rear of
the house.
Frank Struthers unlocked the rear door and he and Joseph Dorgan
entered the premises and walked into the kitchen area. They entered
the living room area through the kitchen and found Mr LaBianca lying
on the floor with "something protruding from his stomach." He was
lying motionless and they assumed that he was dead. At this moment,
Suzan entered through the rear door and into the kitchen and sensed
something was wrong. Joseph Dorgan stopped her from entering the
living room and she never saw the body, but did notice some printing
on the refrigerator door, later determined to be "HEALTER SKELTER."
Mr. Dorgan attempted to call the police from the kitchen wall phone,
but became alarmed about the possibility of disturbing the scene. All
three immediately removed themselves from the premises. They
attempted to borrow a neighbor's telephone to notify the police, but
the neighbor apparently thought they were pranksters.
A neighbor, Doctor Merry J. Brigham, residing at 3306 Waverly Drive,
consented to the use of her telephone, but because of the nervous and
flighty condition of all three, Mrs. Brigham completed the telephone
call to the Police Department, repeating the information supplied to
her by Joseph Dorgan that somebody had been stabbed. At 2235
hours, Unit 6A39 was dispatched to 3301 Waverly Drive regarding an
ambulance cutting (Communications ticket No. 1-732). Unit 6A39,
Officers W. C. Rodriguez, 14171, and J. C. Toney, 14673, received the
radio call and immediately responded. The officers were met in front of
the location by Suzan and Frank Struthers and Joe Dorgan. The
situation was briefly explained by the three persons to the officers. The
officers tested the front door and found it to be closed, but not locked.
Officer Rodriguez opened the front door and immediately observed the
body of Mr. LaBianca. The officer retreated and called for a back up
unit, a supervisor and an ambulance. Officer Toney stood by the rear
door and the scene was secured. Ambulance unit G-I arrived at the
scene at approximately 2240 hours. They pronounced Mr. LaBianca
DOA at 2240 hours. Sergeant E. Cline, 7290, Unit 6L40, discovered
LaBianca's body in the master bedroom, and the ambulance crew
pronounced her DOA at 2243 hours.

Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and daughter Suzan Struthers

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Charles Manson under arrest.


Second from left chief defense lawyer Irving Karneck, on right attorney Ronald Hughes. Manson became disenchanted with Hughes who tried to work out plea bargains for Family members, while Charlie insisted on a unified defense, with all pleading not guilty. Eventually, Charlie ordered Hughes murder. While on a family camping trip during the Thanksgiving break of the trial, Hughes disappeared, his body has never been found.

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Prosecuting District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi got convictions against all defendants. He also wrote "the book" about the case, Helter Skelter. Helter Skelter was the name of a see-saw in Liverpool which the Beatles wrote a song about the chaos of their childhood. Manson believed in a coming race war, which he intended to win, the war was Helter Skelter which would allow him to take over the world after blacks and whites wiped each other out, leaving only his family. After murdering Rosemary and Leno Labianca, "the family" hid her wallet in a gas station in a black part of Los Angeles.

"Charles Koenig, an attendant at the Standard service station at 12881 Ensenada Boulevard in Sylmar, was cleaning the women's rest room when he noticed that the toilet was running. Lifting the lid off the tank, he found, on top of the mechanism, damp but above the waterline, a woman's wallet. He'd checked the driver's license and credit cards, saw the name "Rosemary LaBianca," and immediately called LAPD."  Helter Skelter, page 255

Teenager Frank Lynn Struthers Jr. was invited to spend the night at his buddies house, which saved his life. If he had gone home with his Mom Rosemary LaBianca and stepfather Leno August 8th 1969 he would have been killed too August 9, 1969 by the Manson Family. Frank's only interaction with police was in May 1969 when he was arrested for car theft after being stopped riding in a buddy's parents' car, which the other boy had "borrowed" without permission. His buddy was the driver. Charges were dropped. In this police report, Frank was identified as  born on April 19, 1954, weight 135 pound and 5'9" tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Manson had broken into their house and tied up Leno and Rosemary, then left, sending Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinke and Leslie Van Houten to torture and murder the couple

15-year-old Frank became a lost soul, their parents were practically bankrupt and his sister Suzan wasn't best at managing and probating the estate. He went to live with his Dad after his Mom's death, but was never the same, finding their dead bodies freaked him out and haunted him the rest of his life. Frank became a recluse, drinking too much and never having any long term relationships, living for years in a cabin in the mountains by himself, only coming to town every couple of months for groceries, Frank never got married. He would work in restaurants when he needed money. Frank's torment finally ended June 16, 2017, he died of sepsis, blood poisoning, respiratory failure and cirrhosis of the liver. Frank's remains were cremated and spread over the ocean.  Frank died alone and forgotten. Frank, I remember you, pal. 

The Manson Family Blog - Tate LaBianca Murders - TLB - True Crime ...

His Dad Frank Struthers Sr. shields his son from the press and rushes him into his apartment after walking their family dog. 

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Trivial Pursuit, Who was the first Tarzan? WRONG!

If you ever play Trivial Pursuit, try to remember that the first Tarzan was not Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Johnny Weissmuller's "Tarzan the Ape Man" (1932) or Elmo Lincoln "Tarzan of the Apes" (1918)

Johnny Weissmuller was such a great Tarzan that his yell was recorded and used by almost all future Tarzans. An interesting story, Olympic Athlete Johnny Weissmuller met and became friends with Clark Gable. One day he was driving by MGM Studios and was going to see if Clark Gable was free for lunch. He went to MGM in Culver City, founded in 1919, the guard told him, you aren't the list so you can't get in and he wouldn't let him use the phone to call Clark either. As Johnny was walking away, someone who had heard him suggested that he could go to the side entrance where there was a casting call for a new movie based on Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan. He could use that subterfuge to get in and see his pal.  Weissmuller got in line, even gave an audition which consisted of taking off his shirt, much to his surprise, his swimmer's physique very much impressed the casting director. Who then put him in as a leading contender for the role. The first thing the casting director said to Johnny was that he would have to change his name, saying it was far too long for movie marquees. Then someone recognized Johnny, said he has a great physique because he won gold medals at the 1932 Olympics. And the rest is history.

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While Elmo Lincoln starred in Tarzan's first movie, 1918's Tarzan of the Apes

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11-year-old Gordon Griffith was the FIRST TARZAN, Gordon played Tarzan as a boy for the first 30 minutes of Elmo Lincoln's "Tarzan of the Apes" (1918), making him the first Tarzan in Edgar Rice Burrough's first Tarzan movie, filmed in the swamps of Morgan City Louisiana and Reseda California. Gordon would go on to work in movies until his death at the age of 51.

The Mystery of Reporter who could NOT read a thing without her glasses, reading without her glasses. Who killed Dorothy Kilgallen? 

Image result for dorothy kilgallen what's my line
Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred Allen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf and Host John Daly 

Though probably much more famous for being a panelist on the game show "What's My Line" for almost 20 years, Hearst Reporter and Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen is the subject to one of Journalism's greatest mysteries. Dorothy Kilgallen was a brilliant, abrasive, investigative reporter and celebrity reporter. Her efforts to get to the bottom of the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder case, helped F. Lee Bailey free the innocent man. Her abrasive style made Frank Sinatra a lifelong enemy. 

Dr. Sam Sheppard was the model for the TV Series "The Fugitive".  A burglar broke into the Sheppard home in Cleveland and killed Marilyn Sheppard. After fighting with the intruder, Dr. Sheppard was knocked senseless and the assailant was able to get away. The police chief in the town did not like Dr. Sheppard. After an initial investigation, it was determined that Sheppard was cheating on his wife. Police worked 24/7 to convict him of the crime and ignored any evidence to the contrary. The DA won a conviction for the 1954 murder, with the help of a prejudiced against the defendant judge. 
Dorothy Kilgallen covered the trial for the Hearst papers. She became outraged at how Dr. Sheppard was being railroad and used her column to lobby for a new trial. She was instrumental in getting Dr. Sheppard new counsel, a young Boston Attorney, F. Lee Bailey

Dr. Sam Shepard, his teenage son Chip, 2nd wife Ariane after his retrial and acquittal of murdering his wife, Marilyn. 

A handyman had been hired by Mrs. Sheppard shortly before she was beaten to death, Richard Eberling. Police called him in for questioning. Eberling volunteered some interesting and provocative testimony to police when questioned, without prompting, that his blood might be found on the upper story of the Sheppard Home, even though none of his work involved the 2nd story of the house. Though that is where the murder occurred. He was also found to be in possession of Marilyn Sheppard's ring, which went missing at the time of her murder. He explained he had stolen it, from her while working on the house.

Dr. Sam Sheppard said the man he fought with on the night of Marilyn's murder had bushy hair. Eberling was bald, but was know to wear a bushy wig.

In 1984, Eberling was convicted of murdering wealthy Ethel Mae Durkin and was suspected of murdering Ms. Durkin's two sisters, All three deaths were originally thought to be accidental, until a 2nd autopsy determined Ms. Durkin died of a beating, not a fall. Eberling was sentenced to life in prison. Though they could not do DNA testing in 1954, they could after Eberling's conviction in 1984. Chip Sheppard asked Ohio authorities to force Eberling to submit to a DNA test to see if his blood matched another party's blood found at Marilyn's murder scene. Eberling refused to volunteer and fought the matter in court.

Now, shortly before she died, Dorothy Kilgallen was the ONLY Reporter to interview Lee Harvey Oswald assassin, Mafia connected, Jack Ruby. Lee Harvey Oswald said he was a "PATSY" when he was arrested for the assassination of JFK. While a member of the US Marines, Lee Harvey Oswald was seen by members of his platoon learning Russian. Since we were in the Cold War at the time, this was unbelievably strange, bordering on Treason. The men told their commanding Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. Word came back from command that no one was to bother Oswald. At that point, the men in his platoon all assumed Oswald was CIA.  Oswald's death, prevented him from being tried for murdering President John F. Kennedy.

She started to believe that he, like Oswald, might have been a “patsy.” Kilgallen also made a trip to New Orleans to talk with sources. She was zeroing in on what Mob boss Ruby may have been working for at the time of the hit on the president. She began building an investigatory file on the case that she intended to turn into a book that would be the “scoop of the century.”
The book, sorry to say, never happened. Kilgallen was found dead in her townhouse on the morning of November 8th 1965. The police went along with the Medical Examiner’s report that she most likely died from an “accidental” drug overdose of a prescription sleeping pills mixed with alcohol. There was no investigation of foul play.
Author Shaw rips that scenario apart. He states the death scene was “staged.” The body was found in “the wrong bed” and in “the wrong bedroom" in the mult-bedroom apartment. In addition, Kilgallen’s “makeup and false eyelashes” were still on her in bed. She was found in a blue bathrobe with nothing underneath. According to her hairdresser, she always wore “her favorite pajamas and old socks to bed.”
Kilgallen had a prescription for the sleeping pills, “Seconal.” A second drug, “Tuinal,” however, was also found in her system. She had no prescription for that one. Was she slipped a “mickey?”
Now, the most interesting piece of evidence, Dorothy had a book spread out on her chest, as if she had been reading in bed. Only problem Dorothy was blind as a bat, she could NOT read without her glasses. Her glasses were in her CORRECT bedroom, not the guest bedroom. 

Ever wonder why we have had so many problems with Iran, well, it all goes back to 1953 and is 100% our Fault. Iran held a free and fair Election, which was won by Socialist Prime Minister Mosaddegh. Immediately CIA Chief began plotting the overthrow of the elected Government. Iranians never forgot what we did to them.

In 1970, Chile ELECTED Socialist Salvador Allende President, immediately Republican President  Richard "Watergate" Nixon began plotting the overthrow of Chile's ELECTED government. Finally, Nixon sent in CIA Assassins to MURDER Allende and install Right-Wing General Pinochet in his place. 

How people remember Cuban Refugees fleeing Cuba after Castro won the Civil War against General and Dictator Batista. Another thing to ponder, why when these same Cuban Refugees. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz's families, landed in the Bay of Pigs, was there no uprising to support them? Because no one in Cuba wanted these Batistanistas back. 

And in case you are curious, yes Liberal Mayor of Santiago de Cuba Dr. Desi Arnaz II was Desi Arnaz's Dad and Lucy's Father in law. 

US Republicans have a long history of opposing the people of other countries choosing leaders that big business and right-wing Americans oppose. Take Ronald Reagan and Guatemala for example.

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