Friday, August 14, 2020

Errol Flynn became an American Citizen so he could Fight the Nazis, Jack Warner made sure that didn't happen.


Teenager Deven Guilford was driving home from church when he was executed by police over a PHONY TICKET.


Republicans Use Police as Tax Collectors

Michigan Teenager Deven Guilford was driving home from a Church League Basketball game. A Michigan Police Officer deliberately drove around with his brights on so he could write tickets to anyone who gave him a courtesy flash, using a law designed to penalize people who warn other people of DUI checkpoints. But Deven and the officer were the only two people on the road that night. Deven demanded the officer call a supervisor after being pulled over for the PHONY Ticket. The officer yanked the boy out of his car, slammed him spread eagle on the ground and then stomped
the SH*T out of the teenage boy with his military boots. Then Deven, in fear for his life, defended himself, at which point, the officer pulled his gun and shot the UNARMED boy 7 times, blowing the child's brains out, killing him. Other people ticketed by the same officer said they got phony tickets the same way. A phenomenon some noted, these weren't doctors being pulled over while driving a Mercedes/Lexus, who could afford a lawyer to fight the ticket. Only teenagers, middle income and poor people, who needed their cars for their jobs were pulled over. An ironic aside, 30 to 40 seconds of the officer's bodycam video are missing from the incident. After Deven was DEAD, a police dash cam showed the apparently uninjured cop walking off screen with another cop, coming back a few minutes later a bloody mess. Can't have a DEAD CHILD and an uninjured cop. Cost the county $2,400,000 dollars, but Mom and Dad said they would rather have their son, a good kid and a good student, back. The cop is still working. 

Deven's lonely roundez-vous with death. He asked for a supervisor over a phony ticket, a fatal mistake.

Everyone who knew Deven said he was a good kid, whom everyone liked. He made good grades, had a job and was known for being honest, hardworking boy. 

When you call 911 in an emergency, sometimes the last person you need is a police officer. 

A Glendale Utah mom called 911 for help getting her mentally ill son, Linden Cameron, a boy with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, to the hospital for medication after a tantrum. Police arrive with guns drawn, the scared 13-year-old boy runs away in terror, POLICE SHOOT THE UNARMED BOY 4 TIMES IN THE BACK FOR NO CRIME.

Go Fund Me Page to pay Linden Cameron's Medical Bills, please help if you can. Remember police shot the unarmed 13-year-old boy 4 times in the back for NO crime, just the way the Republican Supreme Court and "law and order" Republican "christians" like it.

A boy is late coming home from school in Idaho. A buddy has a new video game and he loses track of time and forgets to call mom and tell her.  Mom calls police for help finding him. They lived in a trailer park. Mom says police always treat poor people living in her trailer park badly. She warns, never call police, if you can solve the situation yourself or this might happen to your kid too. Beaten, tortured and arrested for no crime.

To Protect and Serve?

This mentally ill teenage boy disappeared but was found safe within a week. Think about him when you read this true story.

For those who don't know "de-funding" police could more accurately called re-allocating some of a budget. When you call 911, you are immediately connected to police by default. Sometimes this is
the worst thing which could happen. What these protesters want is a neutral 911 service, which dispatches the most appropriate personnel for the situation. Sometimes that is mental health specialists, sometimes ambulances, family and child services, fire rescue and/or police. Too often the police are automatically dispatched regardless of the situation. Sometimes that is a horrific mistake.
A few years ago, a mentally ill white teenage boy in Tennessee became agitated. His mom and dad are unable to get him to take his medication, so they called 911 for help getting him to the hospital for treatment and medication. The police arrive and pull the UNARMED boy out of bed in only his underpants, then take him outside to the street. The boy is terrified and uncooperative, not following their orders. The commanding officer on site pulls out his gun and shoots and kills the boy saying "we don't have time for this". The local Republican DA refused to prosecute the officers. Mom and Dad of the boy say if you have a mentally ill child, NEVER CALL POLICE if your mentally ill child become obstinate, unless he/she has a weapon and is a threat to their parents, family, friends or him/herself. 

When is deadly force justified?
This South Carolina Police Lieutenant claimed a teenage boy aimed his car at him in a misdemeanor marijuana sting, forcing the officer to shoot and kill the teenage boy, Zachary Hammond. Video surfaced weeks later, which showed that was a lie. The police officer was never in front of the car or in any danger. Far worse, after the boy was shot dead, police are shown planting cocaine in the boy's car. They did find a couple of joints in the boy's car, which was a misdemeanor.

In March 2016, Zachary Hammond's family received $2.15 million from a settlement against the city of Seneca, South Carolina Police Department.

Right-Wing Pro-White Power/Confederacy South Carolina Teen Dylann Roof went into a Black Church Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and SHOT AND KILLED 9 people attending church services. He fled to North Carolina where state troopers bought him a Burger King Whopper, Fries and a Coke. Compare Dylann's treatment with the treatment police showed Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.


Roof wearing 88-branded garments, which is an abbreviation for ‘Heil Hitler’, popular in white supremacist circles. 

Pro-Life Evangelical Republican Trump PARDONED Navy Seal Gallagher, who captured, handcuffed, TORTURED AND BEHEADED A 16-year-old boy. Trump then PARDONED War Profiteer Erik "Blackwater" Prince MERCENARIES who MASSACRED 14 INNOCENT IRAQI Civilians.

"Pro-Life" MAGA Hat Wearing Pro-NRA Mass Murderer Nikolas Cruz registered to vote REPUBLICAN while in jail awaiting trial after murdering 16 kids and 1 teacher at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland a suburb of Miami, Florida. Nikolas put a TRUMP MAGA Hat in his adopted Liberal Democrat Mom's casket, even though she hated Trump. She told friends Nikolas started watching Fox News 24/7, became VICIOUS. Neighbors called police on Nikolas THIRTEEN times for using live ammo target practicing in his crowded suburban backyard. Police REFUSED to arrest the teenager, even though he had committed a crime.