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Murder in Arkansas, the Death of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

Two Arkansas teenage boys, Bryant High School Students Don Henry and Kevin Ives, went camping in Alexander on August 23, 1987, in an Arkansas woods. Early the next morning they were spotted lying on the railroad track by an oncoming train, which could not stop in time, running them over. The local coroner said the boy had smoked more than 20 joints apiece and passed out on the tracks, using that to explain the boys' deaths as accidental deaths. The boys' families NEVER believed that.  They paid for a second autopsy, which found THC in each boy's blood but only enough to have come from one joint shared between the two of them. The second medical examiner also found STAB WOUNDS IN THE BOYS' mutilated bodies, consistent with stab wounds he found in the boys' shirts. This was NOT a "mistake" by the original coroner. It was either gross incompetence, malfeasance or corruption. A "reform" REPUBLICAN "christian" candidate, Dan Harmon, ran for District Attorney, promising to get to the bottom of the case and bring the culprit(s) to justice. Absolutely nothing happened, after a while the case was forgotten. The boys' families were the only ones to find any new evidence. Later this "christian" "reform" REPUBLICAN DA and several local police officers were fired and prosecuted for drug trafficking. Current thinking is that the boys stumbled on a drug plane drop and were tortured and murdered to make sure there were no witnesses. No one must ever get away with TORTURING AND MURDERING KIDS, EVER!

Southern Baptist Evangelical REPUBLICAN Preacher and Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) and Arkansas Republicans have taken this story and used it to smear the Clinton family with another vicious, poisonous, deceitful lie They tied this case to the "murder" of  Democratic Party Worker Seth Rich, who they say was murdered on orders of Hillary Clinton. Claiming the boys were killed by a drug cartel connected to the Clinton family. These vicious liars even claimed the murderers/drug dealers were on radios/phones taking instructions from an Arkansas politician. Lie upon lie, dipped in deceit and covered with a fa├žade of fake "christianity".  As Jesus said, there is NO such thing as a VICIOUS Christian. 

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is finding that his record in office is getting more scrutiny. One issue likely to get attention is his handling of a sensitive family matter: allegations that one of his sons was involved in the hanging of a stray dog at a Boy Scout camp in 1998. The incident led to the dismissal of David Huckabee, then 17, from his job as a counselor at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Ark. It also prompted the local prosecuting attorney— bombarded with complaints generated by a national animal-rights group—to write a letter to the Arkansas state police seeking help investigating whether David and another teenager had violated state animal-cruelty laws. The state police never granted the request, and no charges were ever filed. But John Bailey, then the director of Arkansas's state police, tells NEWSWEEK that Governor Huckabee's chief of staff and personal lawyer both leaned on him to write a letter officially denying the local prosecutor's request. Bailey, a career officer who had been appointed chief by Huckabee's Democratic predecessor, said he viewed the lawyer's intervention as improper and terminated the conversation. Seven months later, he was called into Huckabee's office and fired. "I've lost confidence in your ability to do your job," Bailey says Huckabee told him. One reason Huckabee cited was "I couldn't get you to help me with my son when I had that problem," according to Bailey. "Without question, [Huckabee] was making a conscious attempt to keep the state police from investigating his son," says I. C. Smith, the former FBI chief in Little Rock, who worked closely with Bailey and called him a "courageous" and "very solid" professional.  Newsweek Magazine 2007

Fox News was forced to admit their story about Seth Rich and the Clintons was a VICIOUS LIE. This lie cost them millions of dollars. Southern Baptist Preacher/Governor Mike Huckabee spread this lie because it profited him. Obviously his moral compass is BROKEN and obviously has been broken for a long time. When asked for PROOF, they couldn't come up with  any.                        
#1 A former wrestler Billy Jack Haynes claimed in 2018, THIRTY YEARS AFTER THE TORTURE MURDER of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, that he provided security, he was the muscle, the enforcer, the armed guard, for this drug cartel at this drug drop in which the two boys were tortured and murdered. The former wrestler explained that he used to be a drug trafficker and hired enforcer during the 80's who was introduced to a "politician drug dealer from Arkansas."  

If he provided security on the drug drop, as you would expect a DRUG ENFORCER to do, what were his actions when the two boys innocently stumbled upon the drug smugglers/dealers? The boys were witnesses and had to be killed. Question: did you do anything to stop these boys' TORTURE/MURDER? Did you immediately grab a vehicle and head to the nearest FBI office to report the torture/murder of these two boys? If you did not, why not?  Did you draw your weapon and hold your cohorts at bay, rescuing these  INNOCENT boys and taking them to safety. If not, why not? Do you have any photos of yourself with Bill and Hillary? Any recordings, video or audio, of yourself with them?  Do you have any newspaper articles listing you in the same room with them, ever? 
But I have a much, much more serious series of questions for this Evangelical Republican Armed Drug Dealer Enforcer. When did you meet Baptist Preacher Mike Huckabee. Did you consult him about this case before coming forward? Did Preacher Huckabee ever give you money? Did Preacher Huckabee ever tell you what to say or to lie? When you said you or your confederates spoke of an Arkansas Politician was it Governor and Southern Baptist Preacher Mike Huckabee? We know Preacher Huckabee hates the Clintons and is not averse to lying, remember his daughter Sarah Huckabee and all the lies she told for Donald Trump? I do. 

#2 If he was providing security for this HUGE, ILLEGAL Plane drug drop, wouldn't that mean he was armed and he would have been the man, the ENFORCER, to have caught and dealt with the boys when they stumbled upon the illegal drug drop? And wouldn't he have administered any "discipline/resolution" to Kevin Ives and Don Henry that his drug overlord/boss determined was appropriate? If not you, then why not you? If not you, then who?  We know what the drug boss's instructions were by the fate was by the TORTURE/MURDER of these two boys? Who gave the order? Who TORTURED AND MURDERED THESE TWO BOYS IN YOUR PRESENCE? You were there NAME, NAMES. You claim to be a Christian, prove it. We are probably right to think it was not the associates who were retrieving the drugs and loading them into the vehicles did not do it---they were too busy. Killing children is not something anyone working for a drug overlord would do on their own initiative, unless it was there job or under his direct orders. Why would it not be this drug overlord's guard/enforcer/armed security guard, who would handle the problem, if not you, then who did it? NAME NAMES! Security has a specific meaning, armed and ready for any intruders, that was his job. Kevin Ives and Don Henry stumbled on this drug deal and they had to be eliminated. 

Alexander Arkansas showing the site of the Drug Drop and Kevin Ives and Don Henry's TORTURE/MURDER

It would be very suspicious to the average American for a man providing security to vicious drug dealers would also be a total innocent at one of their massacres. The law is very clear, if you are involved in a criminal act and enterprise and someone is killed, especially when they are CHILDREN TORTURED AND MURDERED BY THE CRIMINALS INVOLVED, then everyone involved in the criminal enterprise is equally guilty and subject to first degree FELONY MURDER. Why aren't you a part of this criminal enterprise when you've already confessed that you were? How do you or your defender Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) explain that? 

#3 Whatever mistakes I may have made in my life, I WOULD NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO TORTURE AND MURDER CHILDREN IN MY PRESENCE and then remain silent for 10 minutes, much less 30 years. I would have immediately called the FBI assuming this local jurisdiction had a corruption problem. 

#4 The Ex-Wrestler and Ex-Drug Dealer/Enforcer smears the Clintons but doesn't name the people who took part in Kevin Ives and Don Henry's TORTURE/MURDER? And makes it sounds like he was an innocent ARMED Drug Enforcer at the MASSACRE. If he was there then taking part in multiple FELONIES, then the Felony Murder Statute make him equally guilty, since they were all part of the same criminal enterprise. The Torture/Murder of Kevin Ives and Don Henry were a part of his/their drug enterprise.  

Felony Murder Doctrine

Felony Murder is a legal doctrine in common law that broadens the crime of murder: when an offender kills someone in the commission of a dangerous crime, like drug smuggling, the offender and his accomplices or co-conspirators, can be found guilty of 1st Degree Murder as well. The conspirator doesn't even have to be within miles of the murder to be guilty of the crime of 1st Degree Felony Murder. Like Mafia Capos, they are equally guilty of the murders of their assassins commit.  Every member of the criminal enterprise is equally responsible and guilty of any and all acts and crimes committed by their co-conspirators in furtherance of their criminal enterprise. There is NO statute of limitations for murder. If you murder or conspire to commit a crime with someone else, a crime in which someone is killed, you should be and will be liable for arrest for the murder until the day you die.

Remember Trumpeteer Roger Stone was pardoned by Donald Trump after accusing Hillary of multiple murders. All lies. For those who have forgotten perjury is one of the many, many crimes with which Roger Stone was set to serve several years in prison. Lying is second nature to vicious, hateful evil people like Roger Stone, Evangelical Christian Lee Atwater, Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon.


Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Born Again Evangelical Lee Atwater working on Ronald Reagan's campaign, they met under Nixon and flourished under Reagan and Trump. 

After the election the 1980 Reagan election, Atwater was named chairman of the Republican National Committee. Shortly after Atwater took over the RNC, Jim Wright, a Democrat, was forced to resign as Speaker of the House and was succeeded by Tom Foley.
On the day that Foley officially became speaker, the Republican National Committee began circulating a memo to Republican House Members and state party chair people called "Tom Foley: Out of the Liberal Closet". The memo compared Foley's voting record with that of openly gay Congressman Barney Frank, with a subtle implication that Foley, too, was gay. It had been crafted by RNC communications director Mark Goodin and by House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich. In fact, Gingrich had been attempting to convince several reporters to print it. The memo was harshly condemned by both political parties. Republican Senate leader Bob Dole, for instance, said in a speech in the Senate chamber, "This is not politics. This is garbage"

Seth Rich's family sued Fox News for lying and saying that their son was a source for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. He wasn't. Seth was murdered by a mugger on the street near his home. The following Rolling Stone headline sums up the truth, Fox pays millions in damages for their lies about Seth Rich and Hillary Clinton caused their family.  

Fox News and the Republican Party DELIBERATELY, WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, lied about Hillary Clinton and Seth Rich for their own profit. They didn't give a damn about the pain the inflicted on their victims. 

From Rolling Stone Magazine:

Seth Rich’s Parents Settle Their Blockbuster 
Lawsuit Against Fox News
The network that mainstreamed a conspiracy theory 
about a murdered DNC staffer has settled with his family — 
just as top Fox personalities were slated to testify

From Business Insider:

Fox News required its settlement with the family of killed DNC staffer Seth Rich remain undisclosed until after the 2020 election

In settling a lawsuit with the parents of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer murdered in 2016, Fox News stipulated the settlement remain private until after the 2020 election, The New York Times reported. 
The multi-million dollar settlement was announced at the end of November, more than a month after it was reached on October 12, according to the report.
Seth Rich was shot and killed in July 2016 in Washington, DC, and his death prompted numerous, baseless conspiracy right-wing conspiracy theories related to Wikileaks publishing of internal DNC emails.
His parents, Mary and Joel Rich, sued Fox News two years ago for emotional distress.

The Republican "christian" REFORM DA turned out to be working for drug dealers. His promise was a lie, he never prosecuted anyone for the crime. It is now universally agreed, these boys stumbled on a drug plane drop and were tortured and murdered, then left on train tracks to destroy evidence. The local coroner's horrific "mistake" proves he was corrupt, dishonest or incompetent.  

   The First Halloween Horror Story


If you ever wondered where the nightmare stories about Halloween started, they started with this man, Houston's Ronald O'Bryan. In early October 1974, Ronald took out life insurance on his two kids. On Halloween night, he took his and neighbor kids trick or treating. Ronald would tell police later that at one house no one seemed to be at home, the kids ran ahead and went to the next house, he heard the door open, and a hand extended with Pixie Sticks. He told the kids they couldn't have any candy on route, they had to wait until they got home. His 8-year-old son Timothy's favorite candy was Pixie Sticks. The next morning Timothy was found dead in his bed by his mom. The Medical Examiner determined the Pixie Sticks contained Cyanide. Police discovered Ronald worked at a Drug Store. The pharmacist was a chemist and also a photographer. In September, Ronald had asked the pharmacist why he had warned him to be careful with photography chemicals the store used to develop photos. Turns out some contained Cyanide, a deadly poison, which seemed to peak Ronald's interest. He asked a lot of questions about it. At the beginning of October, Ronald bought $50,000 in life insurance on his two kids. 5 of the kids, Ronald had taken Trick or Treating had taken the Pixie Sticks. Police seized the other four kids' poisoned candy then arrested Ronald, who was executed in 1984. In the Middle of Bible Belt Macon Georgia, a woman's 8-year-old daughter suddenly dies. In the middle of the Bible Belt, Macon, Georgia, widow Mrs. Anjette Lyles suffered a series of tragedies. She owned a courthouse restaurant, which was incredibly popular among judges and attorneys in Macon in the 1950's. She was twice widowed and in 1958 found herself living with her elderly former mother-in-law and two young daughters in the more affluent suburbs. Then suddenly, her apparently healthy mother-in-law got sick and died after several days later in the hospital. The Coroner attributed her death to heart disease at age 52. The elderly woman had heart disease but no symptoms. She left a $100,000 estate to be split between her daughter-in-law and surviving son. A few months later Mrs. Lyles 9-year-old daughter Marcia suddenly passed away. A black employee at her restaurant had noticed strange behavior, which made her child's death much more suspicious. Mrs. Lyles would bring food to her former mother-in-law in the hospital from the restaurant. She would take food off the line and place it in a paper bag. The cook noticed she had another paper bag which she brought with her to work that day. Mrs. Lyles took both bags into the lady's room for a few minutes before departing for the hospital. The black employee, then heard that Mrs. Lyles 8-year-old daughter had a $1750 life insurance policy, $1,750 in 1958 is worth $15,926.45 today. The black employee sent an anonymous letter to police about Ms. Lyles strange behavior while preparing meals for her hospitalized mother-in-law, pointing out, that she had never heard of an 8-year-old having life insurance which aroused her suspicions. The police asked the coroner to do an in depth autopsy of the little girl, which detected the poison arsenic. They then proceeded to autopsy her mother in law and two ex-husbands, finding arsenic in all four deceased relatives. The coroner would later explain, you look for obvious conditions, like heart disease when determining cause of death, which the first three victims possessed to one degree or another. Poison would only be suspected in people in perfect health, like Mrs. Lyles daughter Marcia, but NO ONE would suspect a mother of murdering her own 8-year-old daughter. Marcia Lyles death would normally have been attributed to causes unknown/undetermined. That is until the anonymous tip was received by police. Ms. Lyles had murdered her first husband when she was 26 for $3,000 life insurance. 2nd husband Ben Lyles carried $20,000 in GI Bill Life Insurance. Her mother-in-law for 1/2 of her $100,000 estate and her 8-year-old daughter for $1750. She was sentenced to death, but the Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin commuted her sentence, since no WHITE woman had ever been sentenced to death in Georgia and he wasn't going to allow it in Mrs. Lyles case.

Murder Most Foul, The Murder of an Innocent 15-year-old Boy for No Reason

A case worthy of Forensic Files, already made into the excellent drama Alpha Dog with Justin Timberlake and Emile Hirsch, the story of the murder of Nicholas Markowitz by teenage drug supplier Jesse James Hollywood over a $1200 debt Ben Markowitz, Nicholas half brother, owed Jesse. Both Jesse and Ben played Little League together in their affluent neighborhood and had gone to school together since first grade. Hollywood's mom and dad were involved in the drug business. Nicholas was a somewhat shy boy who was a bookworm. A good kid and popular with those who knew him. He didn't deserve what was about to happen to him. Teenager Jesse made so much money selling marijuana for them that he was able to buy a home with cash in his affluent suburban neighborhood. A few thousand dollars in debt had grown into feud, Jesse was looking for revenge. He and his buddies went looking for Ben to give him a beating. But they couldn't find Ben, instead they spotted Ben's 15-year-old brother Nicholas. On the spot they made the decision to kidnap Nicholas and hold him for ransom on the debt. Innocent teenager Nicholas would never come home alive. Nikolas was held as a friendly hostage for a couple of days, including partying at the Lemon Tree Inn in Santa Barbara, then someone told Jesse James Hollywood that kidnapping was a Federal Crime warranting decades in prison. At that moment Jesse panicked. He immediately began liquidating bank accounts and decided they had to kill the boy. Jesse's entourage took 15-year-old Nicholas up in the mountains along a hiking path, bound his hands. Nicholas's last few minutes of life were lived in total terror. He knew that he wasn't coming back alive. One of the boys, Ryan Hoyt, slammed a shovel against Nicholas's head, knocking him into the grave, then pulled out his gun and unleashed a barrage of bullets from his Tec-9, nine of which ripped through Nicholas's body. The boys then covered Nicholas's body and his grave with dirt and leaves, but sloppily left one of Nicholas's legs above ground. Hikers a couple of days later were concerned by a noxious odor they smelled along the hiking trail, which led them to discover Nicholas's grave. Eventually the boys were caught, but Jesse was able to escape to Brazil where he remained for 5 years, but even he was eventually arrested and brought back. The boy who shot Nicholas, Ryan Hoyt, got the death penalty and Jesse got life in prison. All the other boys got much shorter sentences. Ryan Hoyt said something incredible when he was arrested, apparently thinking it mitigated his guilt. He told police he shot and killed Nicholas, but had nothing to do with digging his grave.

A Memorial Page in Nicholas's Memory

Mom's Murder Most Foul

Just saw an Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina. Dennis successfully played gangsters in movies, including the great Midnight Run with Robert DeNiro. Later he played a detective on Law and Order for two years. In real life Dennis actually served 20 years as a Chicago Detective before advising Director Michael Mann in his movie "Thief" (1981), which was filmed in Chicago, Dennis made such a strong impression on Mann, that he was offered a part in the movie. The Unsolved Mystery story was about Audrey Marie Hilley of Anniston Alabama, in the heart of the Bible Belt. She and her husband were elders in their Anniston First Baptist Church. Her teenage son got mysteriously and seriously ill immediately before going away to college. Even though he still felt sick, the boy decided to leave for school regardless. While at school, he got a message that his dad had suddenly gotten ill. Within days he was dead. The hospital said that his Dad had hepatitis and cascading organ failure. A few months later, their daughter suddenly got sick. She would eventually be paralyzed from the waist down. While treating her paralysis, doctors noticed white lines across her fingernails, a presumptive sign of arsenic poisoning. Tests proved they were correct. Audrey Hilley fled, an autopsy confirmed her husband died of arsenic. Poisons are only apparent when you have reason to suspect them. A normal autopsy does not test for poison. Turns out Audrey Hilley has taken out $25,000 life insurance policies on her husband, daughter and son. She fled the jurisdiction for Florida after her daughter's poisoning was discovered. I can NOT understand anyone who would do this.

Gentle 6'4" Goofy Snowboarding Free Spirit Ben Bradley disappears, A confession does NOT lead to a prosecution

28-year-old, goofy 6'4" California snowboarder Ben Bradley disappears on his way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ben works so he can snowboard, then only goes back to work when his money runs out.  Everyone agrees Ben is a gentle soul, who never did anyone harm in his whole life. He is someone everyone likes. “Ben did his own thing. He was a free- spirited boy, and he was extremely trusting,” said his father, a cabinet maker in Cayucos, Calif., where Ben grew up fearless and unafraid of a vagabond's life. “He had such a great heart, but he didn’t see danger where I saw danger.” Ben gets around hitchhiking to his next snowboarding site. He carries with him his $1000 ultimate snowboard.  He disappears and for over four months, during which nothing is heard from him, then tourists at Wyoming's Boar's Tusk Mountain find a skeleton still wearing pants, shirt, shoes and jacket. The pants still include a wallet which identifies the body as Ben's.  Ben had been beaten, his skull crushed by blows from a blunt instruments and he has been stabbed to death. Then a man brings Ben's backpack to police. Eventually, this man and three of his friends are suspected of killing Ben. One confesses, all four arrested, then the man who confessed, retracts his confession, the local Republican "LAW AND ORDER" DA drops the case against all four local boys. The perfect crime.

June 2, 2006: Bradley sets out hitchhiking from Fraser, headed for a June 4 birthday party with friends in Jackson Hole, Wyo.; at about sunset, he is seen leaning into a yellow pickup in Rock Springs, Wyo., and late that evening telephones friends and asks them to meet him in Pinedale, Wyoming. Sept. 29, 2006: Bradley’s backpack is turned in to the Sweetwater Sheriff’s Office; Tommy Bowman tells deputies he found the backpack floating in Flaming Gorge Reservoir south of Rock Springs on June 3, 2006. Oct. 1, 2006: Bowman leads investigators to the spot where he says he found the backpack; meanwhile, Bradley’s decomposed body is found by hikers about 100 miles north of where Bowman says he found the backpack, at a remote place called Boar’s Tusk; Bradley’s body shows evidence of a “vicious blows” to his head and repeated stab wounds to his body.

A Rock Springs man has been charged with murder in the 2006 death of a Colorado man who disappeared while hitchhiking across Wyoming. Eric John Conn, 41, was arrested March 18 in St. Louis. He’s charged with first-degree murder and other crimes in the death of Ben Bradley. Conn’s arrest is the first public break in the investigation. The case has drawn national attention, including coverage on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”
Ben called his parents on June 2, 2006, from Rock Springs as he was on his way to a party in Jackson, Wyoming, later he called his friends to expect him shortly for the party. It was the last time anyone spoke to him. Ben had been working at the Winter Park, Colorado Ski Resort working as a snow maker, but planned to stay in Jackson Wyoming the winter of 2006/2007 instead. 
In his confession Conn told FBI agents that he and two friends  attacked Bradley at a Rock Springs home of one of the men's sisters after they spent hours there together “getting high.”  The only item stolen from Ben was his $500 snowboard and his backpack.

Bradley’s unique, custom-made Never Summer “split-board” $1000 snowboard has never been recovered.

Conn retracted his confession, the local Republican District Attorney DROPPED THE PROSECUTION of these local men, who have never looked back, the perfect crime.

A sporting goods store employee STOLE $200 because he was short on rent and in danger of eviction, after his hours had been drastically cut back by his employer.

Bradyn Fuksa was a 22-year-old man living in Olathe, KS. He worked in security at Bass Pro Shop and had recently had his hours drastically cut back. On July 6, 2009, and found himself in financial dire straits, the rent was due in days, so he stole upwards of $200 from the store. The next day, he was caught and returned most of the money, but was nevertheless arrested on July 9 and spent the night in jail. 

On July 14 he spent the night with his girlfriend and left town, leaving a cryptic text on his girlfriend's phone that said, "Goodbye Megan." The next day, July 15, he gathered some belongings goes to his parents house and the family gun disappears, so does he. 
His next court date was July 16th, Bradyn did not show up and a bench warrant was issued for him. No credible sightings were reported until February 2010 when a lady named Linda Curl, a worker at a Salvation Army soup kitchen in Cheyenne, claimed that she had seen Bradyn at the kitchen. She said he appeared well nourished and "didn't look homeless." She called the number on the flier, which had been posted around Cheyenne. According to her, he continued to frequent the kitchen, though police were never able to pin him down. In December 2010, Linda turned over to the police a receipt from the Salvation Army filled out by a man calling himself "Brad Fuksa." According to Bradyn's mother, the handwriting did not match her son's, but the signature did.
Sadly, in May 2015, the remains of Bradyn Fuksa were discovered by hikers at the foot of Casper Mountain in Casper, WY, 70 miles from where his car was found and 175 miles from Cheyenne, WY. According to the 911 call, the body had decomposed to a skeleton and was wearing jeans, a coat, and boots. His bag was there, including medications bottles with labels too worn to read, as well as his parents' pistol. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.
Make sure your kid knows that if he ever finds himself in a financial bind he can turn to you. Bradyn had always had a job since he was 16 and was a hard worker. When confronted by a problem you can't solve on your own, your parents and family will be there to help. 

Mount Casper Wyoming, where Bradyn's car was found, years later his body was recovered near Mount Casper.

Breaking up is hard to do, but Torture/Murder is never the answer, especially for teenagers. The Murder of Seath Jackson

15-year-old Seath Jackson broke up with his girlfriend Amber Wright. Like many break ups, it was bitter. She would drop in on his Facebook page and snipe at him. They had known each other since elementary school and shared the same set of friends.

Seath Jackson was not someone to ignore a verbal attack by anyone, much less Amber Wright,  his ex-girlfriend. 

Amber and her friends decided to take revenge on Seath for breaking up with Amber, her brother and new boyfriend leading the way.  

Charlie Ely, 18; Michael Bargo, 18; Justin Soto, 20; James Havens III, 37

James Haynes trailer home at 13890 Southeast 53rd Ave where Seath Tyler Jackson, 15, was lured, ambushed and then beaten, shot and burned to death in Summerfield, Fla. (AP) Charlie Ely, a girl Seath liked called Seath and invited him to Haynes house where Bargo, Amber Wright's new boyfriend, her half-brother Kyle Hooper and their friends waited. Then Amber texted Seath to come to bury the hatchet. The second Seath arrived the boys began beating him with things like an ax-handle. Bargo then shot Seath with a .22 bullet. They took Seath to the trailer bathtub, retrieve some knives and hatchets, stripped the boy naked, but stopped when they realized he was still alive. So Bargo shot him several more times. Then they began  their grizzly business of hacking up the boy's body, transporting it to a firepit where they burned up Seath's remains, then took the embers to a pond and dumped them. 


Kyle Hooper, his half-sister Amber Wright and her boyfriend Michael Bargo were found guilty of first degree murder and got life sentences. Ely and Soto also got life sentences for multiple lesser offenses like accessory after the fact. 

A Good Kid, David Grunwald, Drops his Girlfriend off at Home, then stops by a Buddy's house to see his Friends and smoke a joint, but never makes it home. A really stupid murder, for a really stupid reason.

David Grunwald with his girlfriend, shortly before he stopped by a buddy's house in Palmer Alaska to share a joint before going home. 

David Grunwald stopped by his buddy Erick Almandinger's house, the boys used a travel trailer in his backyard as a party house so they could smoke pot.

Dominic Johnson on left the last of the murderers got 99 years in prison

After David didn't come home, after a couple of hours, his parents called his friends who said he never got there after leaving his girlfriend's house. They lied, police were called and began looking for him. They found his car in the Alaskan outback 21 miles from David's girlfriend's house. 

The party trailer in which the boys attacked beat and tortured their friend David.

Police eventually checked alibis and cell phones, Erik Almandinger's was shown to track where David's car was found. These boys all went to the same school, took gym showers together and dated each other's friends and sisters. Do you know what one boy offered as an excuse for the murder? They killed him because David smoked more than his share of the weed, taking extra deep tokes on the joint.

Bradley Renfro, 1st Degree Murder Conspiracy

Devin Peterson was arrested for his role in David Grunwald’s murder, because of this police seized his cell phone. On his phone they found a video he’d taken of an intoxicated 15-year-old being raped. Child porn charges followed quickly.

David's body was found close to his car, he had been severely beaten and shot, killed  over smoking more than his share of pot. The DA explained the boys bragged to each other that they were gangsters and acted like it. As if that wasn't enough, on trial for the murder, the boys smirked, laughed and never seemed to appreciate the gravity of what they did. They will have the rest of their lives to reflect on the consequences of their actions. 

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